Promoting science and education in Africa.

Our Vision & Mission


*To lead an educational, technological and industrial revolution for self-reliance in Africa!


*To promote and provide support services to science and educational based organizations to make significant impacts in Africa.

*To facilitate the retraining of every Science Educator for functional education delivery in Africa.

*To help reorient, retrain and assist thousands of young African graduate scientists, technologists and engineers establish functional high-tech industries.

Our Strategy/Programs:

Science Media platforms: to enlighten and mobilize our target audience for transformation.

AdasiScience Hi-Tech Institute (ASHTI): where we:

  • Retrain and support Young African Graduates to become leading high-tech industrialists under our Graduate Advantage Scheme (GAS).
  • Facilitate the retraining of high school science teachers to meet up with contemporary teaching skills for competence and quality delivery;
  • Train public and private workers to become smart investors and digital marketers for financial freedom.

We offer Consultancy & Support Services in:

  • Science teachers recruitment, monitoring/evaluation and retraining;
  • Science intervention/development programs, educational statistics and baseline data;
  • Science, Educational and Empowerment Foundations & Scholarship: publicity and management;
  • Educational Marketing, New Products’ Marketing and Digital Marketing;
  • Science equipment and school infrastructure!
  • Environmental Monitoring, Auditing, Impact Assessment and Management Systems/Plan.

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