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Finally Nigerian Chemists To Be Fully Recognized When This Happens!

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Nigerian Chartered Chemist ICCON
Chemical Scientists to enjoy full recognition in Nigeria

At last Chemists in Nigeria will be given due recognition just like experts in other ‘professional fields’ like Medicine, Engineering, Accountants and so on.

I’m sure you may be wondering how will this happen? Just read to the end!


You see most of those other ‘professions’ say Pharmacy for instance, are being highly rated not because they are more relevant or broader than Chemistry in practice but the statutory legal framework backing their Conditions of Service in Nigeria are more favourable!


Or how else do you explain the fact that 4 graduates: a Chemist, Pharmacist, Accountant (Chartered) and a Medical Doctor gets employed in NAFDAC the same day, the Pharmacist is placed on Grade Level 10, Chartered Accountant on Grade Level 10, Medical Doctor on Grade Level 12 while the Chemist is placed on Grade Level 08 while in reality the Chemist is the life wire of that establishment!


The Good News is that all these will soon change!!! You heard me right! Already the proposed Scheme of Service for Chemists Cadre has been to the Office of the Head of Service of the Federation for approval by the Institute of Chartered Chemists of Nigeria (ICCON). Consequently, HND holders (Chemistry Option) with ICCON Certificates will freely progress beyond Grade Level 14 to directorate cadre (as applicable to other professionals with ICAN, etc).

Chemist Wilford Jwalshik, ICCON Registrar
ICCON Registrar, Chemist Wilford Jwalshik, Member, OPCW Scientific Advisory Board.

There’s a ray of hope as Nigerian Chemists await Mr. President for Accent to the Amended ICCON Act already passed by the House of Representatives, once it’s been ratified by the Senate (through its Committee on Health Services).

The Chemistry profession is now being duly recognized not necessarily because of the centrality of Chemistry in the field of Science but owing to the peculiarity and usefulness of the Chemical to livelihood, the environment and national development.

Of course, chemicals have wide applications in several economic sectors including: food and drinks production and processing ranging from fertilizers, agrochemicals to operational principles; drugs manufacturing, building/construction (cement, paints, metallic materials), energy, petroleum refining & petrochemicals, cosmetics, textiles, paper and pulp, battery production, waste recycling, environmental protection and national security.

Chemicals are equally dangerous if they fall into wrong hands! Chemical weapons are lethal, chemical substances e.g acids, snipper, illicit drugs, pollutants and other substances are being increasingly abused by miscreants which constitute threats to our society because they are handled by non-chemists and are not adequately regulated!

We need no further evidence that only trained chemical scientists who are duly registered by ICCON thus recognized as chartered chemists can be in charge of invention, manufacturing, handling, sale, marketing, importation, exportation, stocking, distribution, managing and disposal of any form of chemical and chemical products (other than drugs) in all ramifications!

Same way you can’t carry out a surgery if you’re not a surgeon no matter how experienced you are as a health personnel; can someone defend an accused in court except he’s a lawyer?So how then should chemicals (as sensitive as they are) be handled, managed or even sold by non chemists?

Even when an investor has the required capital to venture into chemical business, he is now required ‘by law’ to engage a licensed chemist to do the job which only chemists can do, simple!

Already Dangote Group has set the pace in the private sector, making it compulsory for all candidates seeking Quality Control Supervisor position to possess ICCON Certification.

The Minister of Health as since directed all parastatals under the Ministry particularly NAFDAC not to promote any staff without ICCON Certification.

Henceforth, no lecturer can be appointed as Head of Chemistry/Chemical Sciences Department without ICCON/CSN certification.

Prof. Moses Chendo, CSN New National President
CSN President, Prof. Moses Nkem Chendo, FCSN

The rationale is  simple! You can’t be in charge of the administration relating to teaching and management of chemicals without being licensed/supervised by appropriate regulatory authority and constantly refreshing your knowledge with trending national issues in your field as offered at ICCON’s Mandatory Continuing Professional Development (MCPD) Workshops as well as CSN Annual Conferences/Exhibitions.

At the global scene, ICCON is partnering with Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), National Authority on Chemical and Biological Weapons (NAC&BWC) and others.

Opportunities are unfolding for Chartered Chemists in Nigeria, you can’t be left behind! Don’t be like a lawyer that’s yet to be called to the Nigerian Bar, an unregistered Nurse or have you heard of any practising medical doctor in Nigeria not certified by the Nigerian Medical and Dental Council?

The earlier every Chemist get enrolled the better else fresh graduates will soon become senior professional colleagues to veteran Chemistry scholars in the eyes of the Nigerian law! Register with ICCON now!


Four (4)  Quick Steps on How To Register with ICCON

1. Download the ICCON Membership or Fellowship Application Forms via the institute’s website or simply text your email address to +2348037761852 (for the form to be sent)

2. Complete the Application Form with required documents, attached. Membership Qualification: Minimum of B.Sc., B.Ed., HND in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Food Science & Tech., Science Lab. Tech. (Chemistry option), Science Education (Chemistry Option), Chemical Engineering, etc.

3.  Make Payment of required fees through Remita (TSA) by simply logging on to then click “pay a Fed. Gov’t. Agency” and choose “Institute of Chartered Chemists of Nigeria”, stating the purpose of payment. Generate a Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) number and take it to any bank to make payment.

Note: Current Total Registration Fees

Member- #90,000 for Exam Candidates, #115,000 for Exempted Candidates;

Fellow: #150,000; Corporate Member- varies from #500,000 and above).

4. Submit the completed ICCON Membership Form to the nearest ICCON Office or designated ICCON Agents across the country. Call 08037761852 or 08034043481 for guidance.

Are you ready to register with ICCON now? Simply fill and submit this form below now!


AdasiScience is an official partner (Agent) of ICCON in the South West Region, Nigeria.

Institute of Chartered Chemists of Nigeria
Institute of Chartered Chemists of Nigeria

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