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Exposed!!! The Quickest Way To Identify A Sexually Abused Child

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By Ucheawaji Victoria Akumute

Have you ever met a child that is sexually abused but won’t say a word?

You may not really blame her, would you?

First of all, let’s get one thing right. What exactly is sexual abuse?

Sexual abuse is the sexual act or behaviour of forcing a person be it a child, woman or man into sexual activities.

It is true that quite a number of children across the world have been sexually assaulted and are still silent about it.
Most times, these children are threatened to keep quiet or bullied to think it is their fault.

How can a parent know when his or her child has been sexually abused?

Before I state the signs, it is advisable for parents to make out time to spend with their children.

Here are some signs that should be identified;

*Fear towards the abuser: If a child shows some sort of fear towards a person, it should not be overlooked. It is a hint the child has dropped and the person should not be left alone with the child no matter how close the person is to the family.

*Sudden change in behaviour: The child may start having changes in behaviour such as aggressiveness, fear, withdrawal, clinginess, nightmares.

*Reluctance to go to a particular place: If a child starts to avoid certain places, it may not only be where the person stays but also where the abuse occurred. It is not laziness that is hindering the child from going there but fear.

*Poor grades: Although this is not always a sign to know a sexually abused child, it is also one sign to check especially if the other signs above are seen. The victim may begin to get poor grades even if he or she was very brilliant before.

*Visible sores on genital organs: Sores and injuries are seen on and around the child’s genital organs.

Child abuse happens to both genders and should be prohibited. As a parent, when you notice these signs talk to him or her but when the child refuses to talk, it is advisable to take the child to a pediatrician.
The abuser should be reported to the police and the child can go for a therapy.

Let’s save children from these monsters.

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