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It’s not so easy to score 300 in UTME but it’s possible!

This is important especially for students who choose Medicine & Surgery, Engineering, Pharmacy, Accountancy, Law and other highly competitive courses.

As we all know, the two (2) key determinants for good performance in any exam are simply: knowing what to write and answering all your questions in record time.

Simply put speed and accuracy are the wining keys!

You see, knowing exactly what to write depends on whether the child is well taught by competent teachers and if he/she has the right materials (books) to read.

On the other hand, gaining speed in exams is based on constant practice in solving past questions in relavant subjects at least for the past 10 years. This might look pretty difficult but it pays off in the end!

That’s just a tip. Will you like to know the biggest secret in passing any exam, especially scoring around 300 in UTME?

Alright, now let me show you…

The mega secret to bang a high score in UTME is Preparation! Preparation!! Preparation!!!

Yes, you heard me loud and clear! There’s no substitute to timely preparation, qualitative preparation and holistic preparation!!! It’s a 3-in-1 formula.

Let me quickly explain these one by one..

*Timely Preparation:

It takes a minimum of 6-12 months for any meaningful preparation as to pass any external exam EXCELLENTLY! It’s surprising to see candidates, writing UTME say by April, start their preparation by February! Some, even after failing such exams the previous year! It doesn’t work that way!

*Qualitative Preparation:

Preparing on time isn’t enough! It depends on  how sound you’re preparation is! For instance if you’re having difficulties in balancing Chemical Equations, you can’t under the rest of the topics in Chemistry even if you study for one year! Get quality help (coaching) if you need one! Engage a teacher you’re sure can help you overcome the specific areas you’re struggling with. The first one month is enough for you to figure this out!

*Holistic Preparation:

One more thing. Your preparation must be holistic! You can’t possibly score 300 in UTME if you do not cover all the required topics in your JAMB Syllabus. For instance, a student who is only versed in Inorganic Chemistry and Calculations aspects but struggles with Organic Chemistry will likely perform a little above average! You also need to practice how to use computer for CBT exams, if you’re not acquainted with it.

Here’s the ‘magic’ any brilliant student who fail to prepare on time, get sound help and cover required area will likely get an average UTME score of 60% per subject resulting a culmulative score of 240 in all 4 Subjects while his contemporary with a solid preparation in all ramifications can possibly ‘smash’ 80% per subject on the average giving a total of 320 for the four subjects!

If you’re writing the next UTME and you’re to start full PREPARATION, you can blame anyone for the outcome of your result of not favourable!

It’s true that most students may skeptical to let their children mingle with others in attending JAMB Classes…

That’s why AdasiScience has designed a solid ONLINE UTME PREPARATORY CLASSES for SCIENCE STUDENTS covering English Language, Mathematics,  Biology, Chemistry and Physics, at the comfort of your room!

You really want to know the fee? It’s cheap! Registration is #2,000 only (one off) to create AdasiScience Online Account for student, then #5,000 per month tuition fee. You can pay #16,000 only for 3 months instead of #17,000!

Kindly note, preparation covers post UTME, if UTME is written before the end of 3 months paid for! There’s Morning and Evening Sessions (after school hours).

Interested? Click here to make payment: (or via Bank Transfer into 0045930370 GTBank, Isijaan A. Nkanta) then proceed to register here:

You’ve some questions or need more clarifications? Reach 09020114273 or 08037761852 (WhatsApp).

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